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Apr 12, 2023 - May 10, 2023

Mental Health, Resilience, & Leadership

  • 29Days


This 5-part series was created for women entrepreneurs, leaders, and the everyday go-getter! Mental wellness and resilience are key to our success not only as business women but as human beings. The grind of entrepreneurship is challenging and often times can have significant impacts on our mental well-being. Priceless Enterprises & Consulting created this program to provide education and raise about the importance of making our mental health a priority and reclaiming what it means to be resilient. Sessions in the series will include: • Work-Life Balance 2.0 - this interactive session will walk women through a self-assessment of how we are truly spending our time and provide tools on how to achieve a sustainable work-life balance. • Substance over Style - This discussion will take a look at moving beyond the ideas of leadership styles and provide a holistic and culturally centered lens on leadership for today and the future. • Emotional Intelligence in Leadership - This in-depth conversation will look at the intersections of managing our own mental health and well-being to be the best leader we can be. • Don't Take It Personal - This session will include an interactive discussion about delicate balance between personal and professional work relationships as well as the impacts of toxic work cultures and environments, how to avoid them. • Taking a "L" in Leadership - This session looks at how we take the lessons learned from our losses and use them to become better.

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